Sneak Peaks!

sneaky peak at some HonourBound artwork. Lines are long time


I like Game of Thrones. Looking forward to the spin off ‘Hound and Arya Murder Buddy Quests Adventures’

My hair is different than it used to be. Much style. Many fashion.

I’ve been working on this guy lately. He’s harder to work with than I’d like but he makes up for it by buying me nice things.


Hello my children. ELITE BUSHI JOINS THE BATTLE. In a one on one fight this guys tough but when combined with other enemies he’s a complete jerk. Slice n dice baby 

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I started a new blog to put video game stuff on. Like in game photos and streams and things and game thoughts. But mostly tearaway. Tearaway is BEAUTIFUL.

finally getting back into my morning warm up routine again. 2 days in a row is worthy of a celebratory universe pizza

This is basically a metaphor for my life. I’m fishing a Shark. I’m radical. 

Doodlings flying polar bears. Did you know polar bears fly by covering themselves in clouds that they’ve harvested? True science. If you scare them they pop and you are left with a wet, naked and embarrassed bear. 

This draw needs many more draw. Plus it doesn’t look like the sky… . which it is. So I will do that

my latest literary masterpiece. many great yes