I haven’t managed any art in a long time but I accidentally made this while creating effects textures for work. The NegaSun of Emotion Holes

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esoteric’s spine tool is getting pretty neat. if only there was an ‘animate sexy swooshy hair’ button


free form mesh deformation is so very very yes


Sunday samurai sketches. Studies have shown that being a samurai for a min of 10 minutes a day increases vitality and testosterone levels. Not recommended for animals.

samurai is the greatest medicine.

Samurai Chop Chop. The Game. The Lifestyle. The Emotional State of Being.

What is love? Baby don’t hurt me … … 

Today I gained some exp and lifted more than I ever have before with my shoulders and they evolved. 



Wait until you see the rocketlauncher fist punch

my new favourite fabulous demon buddy

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pop pop. 

This guy has a gun AND a sword. A fine example of a walking safety hazard in demonic fantasy japan. That hard hat isn’t even regulation

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Working on some harder class enemies. Hopefully going to integrate more explosions into this one.


I appear to have made a habit of butchering ninjamonkeybrain's animations. In this installment, I took the lovely test animation he made for me http://ninjamonkeybrain.tumblr.com/post/88385861476 and replaced the texture with a picture of him. As you can no doubt imagine, hilarity ensued.

Teamwork has taken my career to heights I’d never thought possible on my own. Thanks flaxenflash

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