Got back from Tokyo Game Show last night and thought I’d do a quick recap before reality slaps me in the face again and puts me back in the box. Japan was nice. The games show was nuts. It was pleasing to finally see some people enjoy the game. Food is tasty. TGS 2014

A teaser for a trailer I made a while back for OniKira : Demon Killer, A Lone Samurai’s Quest for Friendship and the Perfect Hug

I found a draw I did around 2 years ago and I kind of like it. I was trying to sandwich my personal logo/identity into a games logo I was doing for friends. Unfortunately it didn’t fit very well and I replaced it with unisauraus-rex. I have no regrets.… with that logo. loads everywhere else.

Come to think of it my current work has a distinct lack of bats/vampires. I think this needs to be rectified. I have now decided that the main character of OniKira is now a dragon and a vampire. ok go 

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I haven’t managed any art in a long time but I accidentally made this while creating effects textures for work. The NegaSun of Emotion Holes

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esoteric’s spine tool is getting pretty neat. if only there was an ‘animate sexy swooshy hair’ button


free form mesh deformation is so very very yes


Sunday samurai sketches. Studies have shown that being a samurai for a min of 10 minutes a day increases vitality and testosterone levels. Not recommended for animals.

samurai is the greatest medicine.

Samurai Chop Chop. The Game. The Lifestyle. The Emotional State of Being.

What is love? Baby don’t hurt me … … 

Today I gained some exp and lifted more than I ever have before with my shoulders and they evolved.